Memory Boosters

a forgetful patient (cartoon)

When I was a kid, I used to think that forgetfulness was a sign of senility and old age. As old age is inevitable and I’m getting older, I must confess I had to review my concepts. At age 51 I no longer think that forgetting something is necessarily a sign of old age. We all have times in our lives when we are extremely busy with so many responsibilities that it would be humanly impossible to remember every single thing! Certain drugs may also hinder our memory capabilities. And the infamous lack of focus or lack of concentration is another culprit.

Speaking for myself, I can’t tell you how many times I had to turn around and drive back to make sure the garage door was shut behind me. Today, I’d like to talk about technologies that are available for people with memory loss and “people” here includes just about anybody.

Ooops! What was I gonna say? Let me think for a moment. Oh, yes! Besides gingko biloba which is normally prescribed as a great memory enhancer, there are several gadgets on the market to help us stay on top of our daily medications, commitments and responsibilities:

Vibrating watches with one, two, three, six, eight and even twelve daily alarms make great medicine reminders and more so if you have hearing loss. They usually give you the option to be alerted to sound, vibration or both. We carry the complete line of vibrating watches by Global Assistive.

The Cadex medication reminder watch has 12 daily alarms will beep and display the name of the medication to be taken (or any activity that you want to be reminded of). A snooze feature allows you to continue to be reminded every three minutes until you have taken your meds.

Four-alarm talking watches may also prove to be very effective when it comes to remembering your commitments and/or daily medicines. They are even more helpful if you are legally blind or have a visual impairment. They announce the time, date, and the elapsed time when using the stopwatch.

Pill boxes provide a simple and easy solution to the eternal problem of forgetting those pills. They have little compartments to store your medication and will let you know when it’s time to take your medication. Check out the Reizen pill box, the Apex pill organizer and the MedCenter Your Minder, which lets you record your own voice and use it as a personal alarm or reminder!

Talking Labels – A simple and effective solution to provide audible guidance in identifying and taking medications. Talking labels attach to standard packaging and allow you to record and store a voice message, which can then be played back at any time with the push of a button.

Lifetime Voice Calendar Talking Organizer – Record important dates and appointments in your own voice. When the day of the appointment comes, a red light flashes to alert you of that day’s message(s). Touch the button and you will hear the reminders and appointments that you had pre-recorded read back to you.

HD40P Photo Phone – Insert up to 9 pictures of people you call the most and call them with the simple press of a button! With optional voice amplification, it is also recommended for people with mild hearing loss.

The FotoDialer is an accessory to any analog telephone where the user makes calls by pressing a photo. There are six pages with four slots per page, for a total of 24 programmable numbers. When the user wants to make a call, he/she pushes the button next to the photo of the person or place he/she wants to call.

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