makes international shopping easier

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new language interface to our website that will make it easier for non-English language customers to shop with us.

The new language interface adds to our international customer service experience and is initially available in Spanish and Portuguese. When a customer of either language decides to buy something on our website, he/she simply selects the appropriate language on the title bar to get an instant, natural translation of the shopping cart pages.

The new Spanish/Portuguese translation interface is available throughout the checkout process. All you have to do is to make your selection once and the shopping cart will keep it in the language of your choice until the very end. If for some reason you have trouble when switching between languages, please make sure to refresh your page. This will reset the online forms and allow you to fill them out in your language with ease!

Besides the new translation interface, we offer selected portions of our website in Spanish and Portuguese. They are a click away — simply select the appropriate country flag at the top of the web page(s) to access them!

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