Let’s talk about talking watches

Has your talking watch stopped talking? It could be two things: either the battery for the voice went dead or the watch itself went kaput.

A talking watch normally uses two types of battery: one for the voice and another battery for the movement of the hands. Battery types vary depending on the kind of watch you wear (analog vs. digital, for example). Most of our talking watches are analog and use battery types SR626SW (movement) and CR2016 (sound).

Here are three of the most common questions we hear from people interested in buying a talking watch:

1. How long will the batteries last?

The answer is: It depends on usage. Typically, they should last for months or even more than a year.

2. Where can I buy new battery?

Try wholesaleforeveryone.com. They are available in 5-10 packs, which may save you some money!

3. Where can I have my watch battery replaced?

We do not recommend replacing the batteries yourself. Some watches are a little tricky and may require special tools. Plus, you don’t want to damage the inner parts of your beloved watch! So the best thing is to take it to a local jeweler who knows how to replace the battery.

Most of the watches we sell have a 90-day warranty, but some do carry a lifetime warranty! Sounds interesting? Go to our website and key in “Avalon” for more information. Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover battery replacement or cosmetic damage resulting from misuse.

Finally, if you’re having trouble setting your talking watch, this video may be helpful.

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