An alarm clock that responds to your voice commands!

Now you can set an alarm clock – or turn it off – without ever moving from the comfort of your bed. No more small buttons and no more programming. Just speak, and this clock listens!

Meet ivee Flex, the interactive talking alarm clock that can tell you the time, date and temperature – all you need to do is ask. Her built-in FM radio can be turned on by voice and a large LCD offers adjustable lighting, while 6 sleep sounds will put you in a calm, relaxed state, helping you ease into your bedtime and morning routines.

With ivee’s understanding of over 30 simple voice commands, she will become your hands-free personal assistant for telling the time, date and indoor temperature, as well as managing alarms, timers, sleep sounds, the nightlight, and FM radio features. Simply say “hello ivee” to get started. (ivee may also be activated by touching the LCD display.)

ivee Flex is available in your choice of colors:

ivee Flex – Black
ivee Flex – White

Also available is the ivee Digit Interactive with 20 voice commands and no FM radio:

ivee Digit Interactive – Blue
ivee Digit Interactive – White

And here’s a demo video showing how ivee works:

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