COOL! One-button talking watch with multiple functions

Assistech is pleased to introduce the new Dual Voice Talking Watch by Time Optics™. This one-button watch does it all! Not only does it announce the time, it also announces the day, date, year, has an optional alarm – and dual voices (male and female).

Up until now, a one-button talking watch would give you announcement of the current time only, and you would have two batteries to maintain. Time Optics came up with a breakthrough solution by offering a simple, easy-to-set one-button watch with features that were only found in the traditional four-button models. They tooled up their own voice chip (of great quality, by the way) and engineered their watches to run on a single battery!

The Time Optics Talking Watches are available in an assortment of styles, from casual and sporty to a more classic look. The Youth series is comprised of velcro band watches in many colors: blue, light blue, red & blue, black, and pink. The adult-size styles come with leather band or flex band, and are available in gold, silver, and two-tone.

The Dual Voice Talking Watches have a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. You might think these watches would cost a fortune, but that’s not the case. They are very affordable and cost-effective compared to other competing brands on the market. And I must emphasize, they carry a limited lifetime warranty!

The complete line of Dual Voice Talking Watches are available on our website at They are now all available and ready to ship!

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