The Big Button Phone: Eliminating Memorization, Simplifying Communication

From the time of its conception to today, the classic telephone has come a long, long way. What used to be clunky phones with rotating dials have now evolved into many options: cordless models, units that look and function like cellular phones, to even designer models that come with their own built-in tablets. Just like many other gadgets produced in the earlier years, the standard telephone is trying to keep up.

What manufacturers fail to realize is that most people don’t really care for the “bells and whistles” on their standard telephone units ─ they want simple and ergonomic devices that do the job right. And since numbers aren’t the easiest thing to memorize, some memory to store important numbers would be a great feature addition! How about a telephone that retains numbers in the memory even if the unit is unplugged from the phone line?

Most people aren’t too keen on memorizing numbers; and they definitely are not fans of squinting at hard-to-read, tiny buttons. That’s one of the reasons why we appreciate and love the fun and incredibly easy-to-use Big Button Phone with 40dB Handset Volume. This artfully designed unit eliminates the basic problems of standard telephones, such as low volume and small buttons. It has 10 two-touch and 2 one-touch speed dials, as well a distinct red 911 button at the top for easy access during emergencies. Not only is it great for those who want to keep things easier and simpler, but it is actually beneficial to the elderly and those dealing with hearing loss and memory problems.

The Big Button Phone with 40dB Handset Volume keeps the numbers stored in the memory even if there’s a power outage. Never forget an important number again, and never struggle again to dial out and receive calls! The Big Button Phone with 40dB Handset Volume simplifies the art of communication and even does the memorization for you.

The Big Button Phone is hearing-aid compatible, and comes with a 90-day limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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