OneLink Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: For Your Peace of Mind

The tragic thing about calamities and disasters is that we have very little to no way of predicting when they are coming. New innovations in science and technology have found more means to warn the public of the arrival of such natural occurrences as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods; but still, accuracy of such predictions  hang in the balance.

Fires  are equally feared disasters—however, modern advances have achieved great heights when it comes to alarm and fire warning systems. It’s a requirement in our society, may it be for a business establishment or a small home, to be fully-equipped with fire alarm systems to be amply prepared. One such indispensable innovation is the Onelink Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.  This ingenious product relieves you from worries and fears of “missing out” on alarm signals by wirelessly interconnecting your alarms, providing maximum protection. A warning voice can be easily programmed for alarm’s location within the home (there are 11 pre-programmed choices). A female voice immediately alerts the household of the particular hazard sensed by the detector.

On top of doing a great job of protecting you and your loved ones, this device is also perfect for those with hearing difficulties, as well as for the children, who may sleep through the blaring sounds of a standard smoke alarm, as demonstrated in several real-life experiments.

Onelink provides alarm signals for both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Its photoelectric smoke sensor reduces false alarms by effectively differentiating a real fire from cooking smoke or shower steam.

Maintain your peace of mind when it comes to your family’s safety with the Onelink Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm! For more information, please visit our website.

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