Signaling Systems: Essential Tools for Everyday Living

There are many people and events in our lives that require our utmost attention and prioritization. A phone call from a potential job interview, a newborn infant, the care of the elderly in the family, a newly-opened retail business—these are some of the various examples of life events and individuals that needs attending 24/7. For individuals and situations like these, signaling systems, or simply signalers, have proven truly indispensable for everyday living.

Signaling systems, also called alerting/notification systems, are designed to help alert or notify you these events. These devices can help alert you through flashing lights, loud alarms, and/or vibration. Signalers are also very important for impending disasters, such as the presence of fire and/or carbon monoxide.

The great news is that signaling systems come in various models and types that are made for the specific events that matter the most to you. For example, new parents can rest easier at night with the different types of baby cry monitors. Families can also have peace of mind with a great smoke alarm system to protect them round the clock. These are only some of the few examples that benefit from the use of signalers. Some transmitters can also work for more than one event.

The companies behind these signaling systems have also come up with brilliant ways to make their systems easy to use and very portable. They now have portable receivers (such as pagers and watches) that you can conveniently bring with you wherever you go. You can also customize your system by adding various receivers in the specific rooms you wish to be monitored. We strongly suggest though that a uniform brand be used for all your system components to ensure compatibility.

Signaling systems are a tried-and-tested necessity for everyday life, not only for the monitoring of day-to-day situations, but also the independence of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. This modern-day invention has also proven itself valuable in saving lives for decades.

At Assistech we carry a wide range of visual, vibrating, and audio signalers for the deaf and the hearing impaired. For more information on signaling systems visit our website.

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