Games and Hobbies for the Blind

Why should blind and visually impaired people have to miss out on having some fun once in a while? Here at Assistech we have a large range of products from board games to sports equipment. Below is a short overview of what we provide.

Board Games

Yes, they still exist. We sell specially designed board games for those who are blind or visually impaired. Whether it’s a simple game of Bingo to a dramatic game of Monopoly, we’ve got you covered.

Board Games we recommend:

Sports Gear

Know someone who plays soccer? How about basketball? We sell beeping balls, balls with bells – even double bells!

Sports gear we recommend:


Playing sport and relaxing with board games is great, but there are times where learning has to be done. We also sell many teaching tools for the visually impaired.

Educational items we recommend:

For the Children

Keep them entertained on holiday, while you’re working, or during those times where you’d just like to relax.

Children’s products we recommend:

To see all of our games and hobbies for the blind and visually impaired, please click here

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