Talking Watches for Blind People

Talking clocks have been around for a while, but how about talking watches? Not as long!

The first use of talking clocks was introduced when Ernest Esclangon created a talking telephone time service in Paris, France. This type of service is still around today, and millions of calls are received yearly.

But an easier way for blind people to tell the time is the use of talking watches.

Talking Watches are a Good Solution

Many people with disabilities find it harder than others to operate everyday products like watches and clocks. For those who are blind or visually impaired, being able to see the hands on a wristwatch or small clock may be rather difficult.

If someone has low vision, but is not completely blind, then it may seem beneficial to buy a watch with large hands, or a more practical display. On the other hand, blind people won’t find much benefit from an ‘easier-to-read’ watch; this is where a talking watch provides the best solution.

What Kind of Talking Watch Should I get?

Whether you’re buying for a friend, relative, or just reading this post out to someone, it’s good to be aware of the choices available when it comes to talking watches. There are talking watches that will read out the day/date, make an hourly announcement, and even notify you with alarms!

At Assistech we’ve got a Talking Watch Wizard which allows you to find your desired product in a matter of seconds.

If you prefer, browse through our full range of talking watches or shop by category.

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