Phones for the Hearing Impaired

Those with hearing loss will find that having conversations with a standard telephone can be unpleasant or simply annoying. The volume of a standard telephone receiver cannot compensate for the lack of hearing that many people have.

But why fight this battle? Surely there’s a solution.

Amplified Telephones

Those who aren’t completely deaf may benefit from an amplified telephone. If voices still sound faint when using a standard phone at its highest volume, you may want to consider getting an amplified telephone.

Amplified cordless phones generally cost around $80 to $280, with corded phones being significantly cheaper and amplified cell phones starting at $100.

Can’t decide on which to choose? Keep in mind the benefits of having a cordless phone, and ask yourself if it’s worth the extra money. An amplified cell phone may also be a nice addition if you require one.

TTY Technology (Text Telephones)

More than four million people in the U.S. use a TTY, commonly known as text phones or minicoms. A TTY allows deaf or speech-impaired users to communicate efficiently over phone lines with anyone regardless of whether this person can hear well or not.

TTYs can be used by placing a telephone handset into the TTY’s acoustic couplers, or by directly connecting to an analog telephone line. Letters are converted into electrical signals that are converted back to letters again on screen of the receiving unit.

If one has severe hearing loss or complete deafness, then a TTY may be the answer. Compared to an amplified telephone, the price is a little higher due to the resources required to build the product.

Here at Assistech we’ve got a wide range of TTY phones and accessories.


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