Hearing Aid Accessories and What They’re Used For

Dry Aid Products

If water stays in a hearing aid for a lengthened period of time, it will slowly cause corrosion and damage. Although many newer aids have a special coating that reduce the risk of this happening, it’s still beneficial to invest in a dry aid product; not only for the life of your hearing aids, but also for your comfort.

Ranging from $7 to $100+, Dry Aid products are a great way to take the moisture out of your hearing aids.

The Moisture Guard generates dry heat to reduce moisture in hearing aids. It’s as simple as plugging it in overnight when hearing aids are not needed.

Looking for something cheaper?

The Dry Spot Dehumidifier is a microwaveable container that keeps hearing aids moisture-free by use of its patented desiccant pillow.


Batteries can run out at the worst of times, it always helps to have a couple spare. Fortunately they’re quite cheap.

Have a look at our range of batteries, including battery testers to find out how much power you’ve got left!

The Jodi Hearing Aid Vacuum

Jodi is a compact, portable, and affordable solution for cleaning hearing aids. It’s much more efficient to remove wax in small amounts rather than waiting until it builds up, requiring a professional cleaning service.

Take a look at the Jodi Hearing Aid Vacuum here (consumer and professional model)

Telephone Ear Buff

Speaking on the telephone with hearing aids can be unpleasant due to hearing aid feedback. We’ve got two products that help reduce this, the Ear Buff and Octagonal Phone Pad.

They’re both extremely easy to wash, and also easily attached to the telephone.

Looking to buy hearing aids? Read this page.

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