4 Universal TV Remotes For Your Convenience

This post contains a selection of TV remotes designed for those with low vision, blindness, or mobility/dexterity problems.

Flipper Universal TV Remote Control

This remote control is built with convenience in mind. The simplistic design eliminates confusion by featuring a mere six buttons (channel up/down, volume up/down, mute, and on/off). This is much easier to use compared to normal TV remotes which have a scattering of buttons all over, causing frustration for people who are blind, low vision, or having dexterity issues.

Here’s a quick video showcasing the Flipper Remote.

Simplicity Universal Cable and TV Remote

If the Flipper is a little too simple for your needs, then you might want to consider the Simplicity Remote.

Built with large backlit buttons, this remote is simple to program and also very comfortable to hold. Unlike the Flipper, this remote can be used for cable as well as TV, meaning you don’t have to constantly switch between two devices.

The Simplicity Universal Remote is great for those with low vision and dexterity problems.

Read more about the Simplicity Universal Remote here.

Tek Pal Remote Control

If you’re looking for something like the Flipper, but a tad cheaper – here’s your product.

The Tek Pal TV remote is minimalistic in style, and features six large, lighted buttons each in a different shape for ease of identification and use.

Like the Flipper, this remote is incredibly easy to set up and start using. No programming needed.

Note: this product only works for the TV.

Read more about the Tek Pal Remote Control here.

Oversized Universal Remote Control

Here’s the big one.

This remote is ideal for visually impaired users due to its extra-large design. Featuring a width of 5 ½ inches (approx. 14 cm), this remote also contains large, illuminated buttons that are three times the size of standard remote controls.

The remote is compatible with most devices and can operate your VCR, DVD, cable, and more.

Read more about the Oversized Universal Remote Control here.

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