Assistive Technology for the Blind: 3 Book Readers You Should Know About

Exponential growth in technology has led to greater convenience at a lower price. Book readers for people with blindness and low vision are becoming increasingly cheaper whilst quality remains the same, or even improves.

Below are three high quality book readers that we recommend.

#1 – BookSense 2.0 Digital Audio Book Player

The BookSense is incredibly portable, weighing a mere four ounces. It allows all users to access information for education, information, and entertainment.

The BookSense allows you to access digital talking books from providers such as the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), BookShare, Audible, along with many others. In fact, the BookSense reads several file formats including text, rtf, doc, docx, html, and others; meaning you can listen to almost anything.

UPDATE: This item has been discontinued.

#2 – Victor Reader Stream – New Generation

The Victor Reader Stream is a lightweight and compact book reader that can receive content wirelessly. How convenient would it be to stream books, newspapers, even podcasts and radio?

Not only that, but the Victor Reader Stream features a loud speaker, text-to-speech capability, and quality audio recording. Supporting up to 32GB SD cards, you’ll never run out of memory.

Read more about the Victor Reader Stream here.

#3 – Milestone 312 Text-to-Speech Book Reader

The Milestone 312 is most likely the smallest book reader we’ve come across at the size of a credit card weighing 1.9 ounces, and surprisingly – it’s still easy to function.

Doubling as a high quality voice recorder, the Milestone can be used not just as a book reader but also a device to record audio notes and conversations. It also features an appointment calendar, clock, alarm, and sleep timer.

As expected, the Milestone plays all popular formats of books and music, and has expandable memory up to 32GB (just like the Victor Reader Stream). It’s straightforward, very portable, and feature-packed.

Take a look at the Milestone 312 Book Reader in more detail.

Looking for a different book reader? Check out our range of book readers.

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