Mobility and Dexterity Aids

Having any sort of mobility or dexterity problem can be a huge frustration when it comes to necessary physical activity. Fortunately, there are aids designed to help with everything, whether it be writing, walking, or talking on the phone – we’ve got you covered.

Below are a few mobility and dexterity aids that we recommend.


Reachers are incredibly helpful for those with mobility issues in situations where reach is needed for objects that are difficult to grab normally (coins, paper, etc.)

Here are two we recommend:

Deluxe Folding Reacher

If you’re looking for something that delivers quality at an unbeatable price, then the Deluxe Folding Reacher is a great choice. Featuring an extension of approximately 3 feet, this reacher is perfect for standard household use.

The Deluxe Folding Reacher is made from lightweight durable aluminum and features a locking mechanism as well as super suction grips.

Check out the Deluxe Folding Reacher here.


Dressing Aids

For people with mobility and dexterity problems, simple tasks such as getting dressed can prove difficult and uncomfortable. Using dressing aids can help immensely and make the whole process a lot easier.

Here are some popular dressing aids:

Rotating One-Hand Button Aid and Zipper Pull

If you’ve got arthritis or another condition that affects fine motor skills, then detailed tasks such as pulling a zipper or buttoning up a shirt can be a pain and also take longer than necessary.

This dressing aid allows the user to complete the entire buttoning and/or zippering process with just one hand.

Check out the Rotating One-Hand Button Aid and Zipper Pull here.

23-Inch Shoehorn

One can never do without a decent shoehorn. This particular one is made of strong metal that won’t bend or break.

This shoehorn does its job as it should, and guides the heel softly and easily into the shoe.

Check it out here.


It’s all good and well to have dressing aids, or reachers, but how do you counter the difficulty of communication?

At Assistech we’ve got a range of telephones, cell phones, and answering machines designed specifically for those with mobility and dexterity problems.

easyTwo Big Button Amplified Cell Phone

Let’s face it – most cell phones these days are incredibly compact, contain very small controls, and quite frankly are useless when it comes to use with dexterity issues.

The easyTwo provides a great solution with its 0.5” buttons, making it easier to view and dial. It prides itself on its ease of operation and convenience along with added features such as the Personal Emergency Response System, which will automatically call assigned contacts in case of an emergency.

Find out more about the easyTwo Big Button Amplified Cell Phone here.

Able Phone 5000 Voice Activated Dialer

If you’ve got a more extreme case of lack of mobility or dexterity, then a complete hands-free solution might be a more logical option.

The Able Phone 5000 is a voice activated dialer that lies between your regular phone and the phone line. This model in particular allows up to 60 names and numbers to be stored for voice recognition recall.

Take a look at the Able Phone 5000 Voice Activated Dialer here.

Looking for more?

At Assistech we’ve got a range of products for those with mobility and dexterity issues. The products above are just a glimpse of what else is available.

Check out our full range of mobility and dexterity aids here.

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